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Hi everyone!

My name is Sebastijan and I come from a little Alpine country called Slovenia. I’ve been interested in aviation since my early childhood and got my first taste of flight simulators in the days of ZX Spectrum. My love for aviation grew with years and in the decades that followed, I’ve became a glider pilot, aviation photographer, award winning plastic scale modeller and last but not least, I managed to get a job in the aviation.
I have first met Eagle Dynamics simulators in the early days of Flanker 1, progressing through Flanker 2, LOMAC, Flaming Cliffs 1 and 2, Ka-50, A-10C and onward to DCS World.
Since I am a pretty creative person, I guess making skins for DCS World aircraft has come naturally. I hope you will enjoy your stay and if you have any requests, suggestions or anything really, please use the contact form to get to me.

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